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As the heading suggests, yes today i am here to talk about love.

We all have fallen in love atleast once in our life time right?

YES Love is beautiful. BUT only untill we come to know there true colours:(

Once i was scared to love,but i dont even realised myself when i fell in love without me knowing. Once i fell for him, i didnt even was able to realise what kinda of man he is, or his back characters.I Just fell for him unconditionally.

While i am writing this blog, i am hearing a oldy bollywood song- kal ho na ho(which means there might be no tommorrow). and this gives me the literal strength to gather my words from heart.

yes, we loved like there is no tommorrow. There was always a smile on my face whenever i was talking about him. sadly, nobody was there to support our relation. but for sure, i know the fact that we both are not at the age where anybody could support our relation. Actually, currently when this comes to mind i can clearly realise that we didn’t get the actual time to love.. many problems… elderly, and ofcourse many immature fights between us, and it went like for over 2 and half years. Realised many things apart from the relation as well as of it.

Today, its 2nd sep 2022, and our relation is no more . Actually its not today that we broke up maybe its been a long and great time over that and we both are over that. yes, i am over him. And of course he is, for sure:)

What i am about to say is, love will not be always consistent. When our perspectives about something change, people change. When they no longer wanted to stay in this, they find there own reasons to be out of it and ‘if’ that person is so cunning, he can change things upside down like nothing happed. But in my perspective, i adore them. , there ability to get over things atleast.

So there is nothing to be bad about this. I truly believe that we experience these kind of situations in our life may be to avoid the bigger one coming. Always lets hope for the better ones to come.

From my personal experience an opinion i will not say that love is fake, just becoz of love failure but might comment love as”USELESS” maybe coz you have no idea about how much time and dedication put over this useless one. And finally what did i gain? nothing! All it did was loose people, trust, image,.. everything.

so what i suggest all is that, you can love.,, but,, make sure that he/she deserve to be loved by you. And its absolutely normal. Alright? Have the courage and strength to face things.

And one thing i should ask is after everything is over he/she make sure that u are not making fun of the other person why becoz thats gonna make yourself the pityperson.

COZ I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT, Insulting ur ex-bf or gf after breakup and exposing his/her past to others,,,,,, YOU FAIL AS A MAN.

Relationship itself is something where two people join together, so whatever happens between them, both are equally responsible..

Always be aware of choosing people in your life, even your partner, friend or whatever. Dont let anyone to influence ur weakness against you..




Indian costume- Saree #culture

#Random day resolution.

I know resolutions are meant to be mostly taken on new years or new upcoming months.. atleast.

I decided to take some decisions to obey on this random day becoz don’t want to mention and keep them aside and wait for someother days to take those into account.

I just want it to happen as soon as possible. So here are the things that am going to point out

  • I wont take people for granted or their opinions..

Becoz u know.. i always considered them to be simple and humble towards me. And yh i had this dumb visualisation of trusting people so…. blindly. Speaking of their opinions, i should study to observe and understand their reasons behind it.

  • I wont let people know my plans .

I am that kind of person, who displays to be an open notebook towards others or the people i like.. I always let them know my each and every plans and every single steps i took,which help them to destroy me so faster.

  • I wanted to be emotionally stable.

I will be so.. damaged and emotional when someone words or actions hurt me . Sorry, not just someone but the people i love most, the people i hope to stay comfortable with. I know, this scenario mostly happens when things are out of my expectation. I should have expected more. Now.. i won’t . Not anymore .

  • I will stop overeacting and speaking for others and getting into trouble.

Actually, talking about this topic is bit funny becoz i had had a lot and lots of experience when i go to people talking for my ones and then finally i .. being betrayed by the same ones.. I just had to stop this and start observing people. Start just worrying about me, myself only.

  • I should earn.

Yh someone told me, that i should always go behind money over doing part time jobs or stuff instead try keeping my standard and keep a level up attitude . Yh bro, but u know, even if i should show myself standardized or my attitude, i should be confident myself. I know money doesn’t bring me confidence. But there are things, my costume, my comfort zone, my comfortable materials .. that does matter. So, if i felt of spending a nice time with my friends or spending on something, i should probably try earning money.

And.. i think that’s it for today, now.

If something comes up to my mind i will be soon updating its on my upcoming blogs..

Thank you

🎁🎉🎂 It’s my Birthday!! Last memory of my 17th birthday

😍Hlo everyone, Due to exam rush ,I was not able to post blog for several days. But today, as my birthday🎊, i thought i would share you about it at the end of the day. So.. ok. Let’s start it ! I would like to share you in a Routine way. So.. I wake at […]

🎁🎉🎂 It’s my Birthday!!


What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

As an Indian citizen i came over so many situation knowing that our parents or grand parents, what they do is, if they don’t actually like something like culture, way of doing something or even opinion, they actually won’t. They will just supress all of it and try adjusting with them without any hesitation.

But then in my generation, we people started sensing all the things in a very rightful way. We always question thing and conclude it. And if we feel like a no , it will definitely a NO. No matter what they think or whatever, we will never be doing things we hate or by compulsion.